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Cheap Floor Tests for Businesses and Lawyers available in In all Major UK Cities and nearby Towns including  Floor Testing  in Scotland – Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Stirling, Inverness and fife / Floor Safety Risk Assessments in North East England – Middlesborough, South Shields, Newcastle, Stockton on Tees, Darlington / Floor Pendulum Testing in North West England – Manchester, Lancaster, Liverpool, Runcorn, Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn Bury, Bolton, Warrington, Widnes, St.Helens (Cheshire) Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Chester, Crewe, Oldham, Stockport, Trafford Park. Rochdale, Congleton, Sandbach Macclesfield, / Floor Pendulum Tests in Wales in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Colwyn, Rhyl, Bangor / Pendulum Floor Slip Tests in Northern Central England – Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford (Yorkshire), Rotherham, Wakefield, / Slip Resistance Testing in East England in Hull, Humberside and Lincoln / BS7976-2 Pendulum Tests in the Midlands in– Nottingham, Derby, Rugby, Stoke, Stafford, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester, / Pendulum Flooring Tests in Central England – Northampton, Rugby, Derby, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough / HSE and BS7976 Approved Floor Testing in London and Home Counties – Watford, Milton Keynes, St.Albans, Cambridge, Newbury, Reading, Andover, Heathrow / Slip Injury Floor Tests in South England – Portsmouth, Brighton, Eastbourne, Southampton, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Isle of Man /  Floor Testing in Slip Accident Claims in South West England – Swindon, Bristol, Bath, Plymouth, Exeter, Falmouth, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Taunton, Warwick / Cheap Floor Testing in South East England – Dover, Margate, Rochester, Folkestone, Hastings, Tunbridge Wells,

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UK Specialists in H&S Approved Floor Pendulum Testing for Businesses and Expert Witness Services for Slip Injury Lawyers


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Members of the UKSRGUK Slip Resistance Group

News - BS 7976 is to be replaced by BS-EN 16165 - circa 2022

News - BS 7976 is to be replaced by BS-EN 16165 - circa 2022

Detailed Table of Prices of Floor Testing Services

ON SITE PENDULUM TESTING - Affordable and competitive prices - contact Us

*Up to 5 area tests per floor tested - additional floors incur extra cost

(Scroll down for offsite 'FloorSample Testing)

Pendulum Testing includes: -

Tests IMPARTIALLY conducted with British Pendulum Test Equipments as recommended by the UK HSE/ HSL and using Floor Testing Equipments manufactured in the UK to BS 7976-1. Tests conducted in accordance with British Standards BS 7976-2 and UKSRG Guidelines (Or Floor Tests conducted in accordance with BS13036-4 where requested). FloorSlip also carry out Surface Roughness Tests (at no extra cost when carried out with Pendulum Testing) and a Pass / Fail Certificate issued.  

To accompany the test we can also provide: -

Mini Floor Test Report (Non Court Compliant) Add £69 - Read More

English / Scottish Court Compliant Floor Test Report Contact FloorSlip*- Read More

Same Day / Urgent Floor Testing (24/7 service) Contact FloorSlip*

FloorSlip are aware businesses do not always have the luxury of closing their businesses to conduct floor safety checks or may require urgent pendulum testing or surface roughness testing to complete work. We therefore will conduct testing through the evening, in the night or at weekends as required.

* Total price dependent upon your geographical location


Surface roughness testing augments the HSE approved Pendulum Test but is NOT admissible in UK courts. On its own it can be useful to monitor floor wear over time but the results are difficult to interpret and relate to how effective your floors are at preventing slips only the HSE Approved Floor Pendulum Test can effectively do that (Floor Surface Roughness Testing conducted FREE when a Pendulum Test is ordered)

Surface roughness test in engineering applications

FloorSlip also conduct surface roughness testing in engineering applications  the equipment we use is of the same highly accurate type and can achieve accurate readings of 1 to 200 microns.

* Total price dependent upon your geographical location

EXPERT WITNESS COURT COMPLIANT REPORTS for Scottish and English Courts affordable prices; discount when test and report ordered together (see note 1 and 2)

IF required - Court appearances (Per Full Day) are £799 inclusive (See Note 3)

Additional work post Report Delivery and acceptance from £47 (See Note 4)

Note 1 - Where requested, FloorSlip offer split payments for Lawyers and Solicitors; 50% after 30 days / and 55% 3 months later. (5% is added to cover interest and admin charges).

Note 2 - A saving of around £50 on the separate prices

Note 3 - in our experience, our reports are so clear that a court appearance is mostly not required, the facts and details in the report are transparent, detailed and in easy to read and comprehend English and the report is accompanied with high definition images ….making it easy for the judge and layman to understand and to alleviate the need to spend additional money getting expert witnesses to attend court.

Note 4 - On occasion, FloorSlip are requested to adjust reports after acceptance. The cost of changes will vary from nothing for minor requests and from £47 upwards depending on the level of change required  

Whether you area business looking to make your floors safe from the possibility of slip injury claims; or A Slip Injury Lawyer trying to prove (or disprove) a slip injury accident claim; or an Insurance Claims Adjuster …… we can inform you ..... FloorSlip have spent many years providing English (CPR35) and Scottish Court Compliant Reports at affordable prices to many slip injury lawyers. View a list of the Slip Injury Lawyers we are proud to have done business for  

About the Court Compliant Expert Witness Reports

All reports are impartial as required by law; FloorSlip are not tied to or allied to any company than can influence the impartiality.

FloorSlip fully assess the floors and any related and relevant factors that could make or had made the floor and immediate area unsafe and provide a full and formal ‘detailed’ Court Compliant English (CPR35) / Scottish Court Compliant Report / risk assessment floor safety report. All Expert Witness reports are written for use in UK or Scottish Courts. Whilst comprehensive for the task they are designed to achieve, they are also written for all parties and courts to quickly make an assessment. They are written with multiple images included in the reports to make it easier to envisage the slip injury locus, removing the need for the slip injury lawyer or accident insurance company (for defendant or claimant) to be on site when Pendulum Testing is conducted reducing the costs of the case. The report will include (but can be removed if required) ‘Options For Improvements’ where we sometimes suggest cost effective solutions to problems. We find the ‘Options’ section is welcomed by businesses and lawyers alike, where businesses are shown affordable solutions and lawyers can demonstrate to the courts that for an economical price many floor slip injury claims might have been avoided.

SHORT FLOOR TESTING REPORTS (Not Court Compliant)  from £69

Post Testing, if you require, FloorSlip can create a short report including images, which will detail the floors tested, an image of the locus tested at each position; comments on the tests at each position and a map of the establishment to make it easier for Health & Safety Managers (and Insurance personnel) to quickly assess the state of your floors.

This type of report are particularly useful: -

a) For larger establishments with multiple floors

b) To quickly recall what floor was tested, the results and the evaluation

c) They provide statements of options of floor safety improvements (where required)

d) Typically include comments about other slip and trip related factors (Lighting, building regulations etc.)

Please note - Prices will vary dependent upon your geographical location and the size of the establishment and related report - please contact FloorSlip to get a fixed price


Maximum of 4 Candidates. Training takes approximately 4-5 hours and and is a mix of theoretical and practical training conducted on site at your premises. Each candidate will have the opportunity to use the equipment completely and real world floor testing with accurate results can be achieved on your own floors if that is your wish saving you approximately £500 in floor testing prices

*Total price dependent upon your geographical location


Smooth Floor Samples tested Wet and Dry - 3 different samples from £177

Additional samples / tests for Contaminants (e.g. oil) £37 per sample

Coarse / Rough Floors tested Wet and Dry - 3 different samples from £227*

Additional samples / tests for Contaminants (e.g. oil)  £47 per sample     

Conducted off site at our premises. Floor Samples require to be a minimum of 150 mm x 150 mm (6" x 6"). Samples will not be returned unless specifically requested and P&P paid for. 24-48 Hr turnaround is possible if required.

WARNING -  DON’T TRUST SUPPLIERS LEAFLETS ON FLOOR R RATINGS AND PTV VALUES  - THEY ARE OFTEN OVER INFLATED - Get floor samples tested for the Floor Slip Resistance Values before specifying or ordering your floors

* There is an additional cost involved in testing coarse / rough floors as testing of rough surfaces markedly reduces the useful life of the calibrated (and very expensive) rubber sliders used in the test


Ramp testing is highly specialised and expensive and generally not mobile. It is not supplied by FloorSlip but we can put you in touch with reputable organisations offering Ramp Testing. It is typically applicable to manufacturers wishing to introduce a new floor into the market place with DIN Standard 'R Ratings'.

Pendulum testing can achieve a very close similarity to the results achieved in a Ramp Test and are a fraction of the costs of Ramp Testing.

If you wish to know more about Pendulum or Ramp Testing then Contact FloorSlip Please


FloorSlip do not Hire out the Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment for 2 reasons.

(1) The equipment is very delicate and prone to damage through poor handling

(2) Except in the hands of a fully trained floor testing specialist, the results if not correctly arrived at, can cause a business into believing it has better / safer floor than is otherwise so.

FloorSlip can however offer procure British Built (To BS 7976) and Calibrated Floor Testing Equipment  for sale and floor pendulum training courses at cost effective prices


FloorSlip are agents for British Manufactured Floor Pendulum Test Equipment. It is manufactured and calibrated by one of the only leading suppliers of British Pendulums in the UK and as agents we are mostly able to offer prices less than buying direct from the supplier; we can also supply onsite training in  the Floor Pendulum Test Equipment as well (Read More).

Manufactured to British Standards (BS 7976-1 and Calibrated to BS 7976-3), it will literally last a life time and well cared for it should easily last 20+ years. Supplied with a very robust transport case, tools and a 55 and 96 slider, the Pendulum Test Equipment is virtually ready to use out of the box - Note though, do not attempt to use unless trained in the equipment - we suggest taking a supervised Pendulum Test Equipment Training Course, which will be conducted on site at your business.


WARNING - This is NOT a cheap Chinese copy of a Pendulum Test Equipment and should you choose to buy cheap copy you will NOT be able to get it calibrated. The Pendulum Test Equipment is very sensitive and ANNUAL calibration to BS 7976-3 is required to ensure accuracy in slip injury claims

Pendulum  £ 3950 + Delivery* + VAT

Additional Sliders (55 or 96) £97 each

Pendulum Test Equipment Training Only £699 when ordered with a new Floor Test Equipment


*Typical Delivery prices (may vary)

      - From £125 to £200 in UK

      - From £225 to Europe (From UK)

      - From £399 to Rest of the World (From UK)


The problem with most Health and Safety courses is that they are rather ‘dry’ to listen to, generalised and they don’t address your particular business needs if your concern is about floor safety. To change all this, we come to you and conduct an ‘On Site’ Health and safety course which specialises in slip and trips and falls prevention and includes Pendulum Floor Testing and allows you to have a go and conduct a test yourself!

For practicality / effectiveness, the course is generally limited to 4 attendees and lasts about 4 hours. We recommend selecting persons for the course who can influence change and attitudes like H&S Managers, Owners, Store managers etc is a more sensible approach.

And we think the price we charge is remarkably cheap considering there is FREE pendulum testing included saving you around £450 to 500 (on a limited number of floors). You also save on staff time out, travel expenses, hotels etc by conducting the H&S Course on slip and trips at your site - read more about it at On Site Health and Safety courses in slips and trip and falls

Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to claim statutory interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate if a debt is not cleared within 30 days of receipt of invoice - This is in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002.

We reserve the right to modify the prices shown to suit conditions as required

Contact FloorSlip and arrange a contract now prevention is better than cure and clearly demonstrates your commitment to managing risk

Prices for Pendulum Floor Testing, CPR and Non CPR Test Reports, Training and Floor Test Equipment for businesses and Slip Injury Lawyers    

FloorSlip specialise in conducting Floor Tests and providing reports for:-

BUSINESSES - To ascertain floors will meet the Pendulum Floor Test Values specified by the HSE and to meet UK regulations. See a list of Businesses FloorSlip has conducted Floor Testing for

PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS & SOLICITORS - Acting on behalf of Defendants or Claimants in Accident Slip Injury Cases; more cases will be won if you can prove a floor was slippery or not and the UK HSE approved Pendulum Test conducted to BS 7976-2 and i.a.w UKSRG guidelines can accompany that

ARCHITECTS AND SPECIFIERS - Checking floors and floor samples are specified to the correct floor slip resistance values for new and replacement floors and meet the industry standard R Ratings (Shod Feet) and ABC Ratings (Wet Feet)

FLOORING COMPANIES & FLOOR COATING SPECIALISTS - Eliminating the need for companies to carry their own specialist and expensive floor testing equipment and to have the required level of training in Floor Test Equipment to use the equipment satisfactorily.

Floor Testing Prices Summary

(Scroll down for further detail)

Floor Pendulum Test Prices



Prices From

On-Site Pendulum Floor Testing to British Standards

Competitive and affordable - Contact FloorSlip

Off-Site Floor Sample Testing using the British Standard Floor Pendulum Test

Smooth Floors - From £177

Rough Floors - From £227

Surface Roughness Testing (when not included with Pendulum Tests)

Contact FloorSlip

Ramp Testing

Read the detail below

Urgent Floor Testing (Same day or within 24 hours)

Contact FloorSlip

Mini REPORTS (Non Court Compliant)

See 'Services for Lawyers' for court compliant reports

Pass / Fail Certificates

FREE with Test

Mini Floor Report (Not Court Compliant)

From £69


On-Site Training in the use of the Pendulum Testing Equipment (Up to 4 people included in price)

From £799

On-Site training in Health and Safety in respect to Slip, Trips and Falls (Up to 4 people included in price)

From £799


Expert Witness Report

English (CPR35) / Scottish Court Compliant Expert Witness Reports; Single or Joint Witness (Does NOT include cost of Pendulum Test)

Contact FloorSlip for competitive and affordable prices -

Discount of £50 when ordered with Pendulum Test

Adjustments to Court Reports

Depends on the work requested

Court Appearances

From £799


British Pendulum  Testing Equipment manufactured in the UK to British Standards (inc Tools, Accessories, Transport Case and Slider Rubbers)

From £3950 + Delivery + VAT

Surface Roughness Test Equipment

See Page on Surface Roughness Test Equipment where buying data is published

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