Pendulum Testing for Businesses & Lawyers from £447

Expert Witness Services & Comprehensive CPR Reports in Slip Injury Claims from £497

Cheap Off Site Floor Sample Testing from £147


Cheap Floor Tests for Businesses and Lawyers available in In all Major UK Cities and nearby Towns including  Floor Testing  in Scotland – Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Stirling, Inverness and fife / Floor Safety Risk Assessments in North East England – Middlesborough, South Shields, Newcastle, Stockton on Tees, Darlington / Floor Pendulum Testing in North West England – Manchester, Lancaster, Liverpool, Runcorn, Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn Bury, Bolton, Warrington, Widnes, St.Helens (Cheshire) Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Chester, Crewe, Oldham, Stockport, Trafford Park. Rochdale, Congleton, Sandbach Macclesfield, / Floor Pendulum Tests in Wales in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Colwyn, Rhyl, Bangor / Pendulum Floor Slip Tests in Northern Central England – Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford (Yorkshire), Rotherham, Wakefield, / Slip Resistance Testsing in East England in Hull, Humberside and Lincoln / BS7976-2 Pendulum Tests in the Midlands in– Nottingham, Derby, Rugby, Stoke, Stafford, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester, / Pendulum Flooring Tests in Central England – Northampton, Rugby, Derby, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough / HSE and BS7976 Approved Floor Testing in London and Home Counties – Watford, Milton Keynes, St.Albans, Cambridge, Newbury, Reading, Andover, Heathrow / Slip Injury Floor Tests in South England – Portsmouth, Brighton, Eastbourne, Southampton, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Isle of Man /  Floor Testing in Slip Accident Claims in South West England – Swindon, Bristol, Bath, Plymouth, Exeter, Falmouth, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Taunton, Warwick / Cheap Floor Testing in South East England – Dover, Margate, Rochester, Folkestone, Hastings, Tunbridge Wells,

Avoid Slip Injury Claims – Call FloorSlip Today

Main UK Pendulum Floor Testing offices at Preston, Blackpool (Lancashire) and Banbury, Oxford, Rugby and Coventry, (Oxfordshire and Warwickshire) - United Kingdom

UK Specialists in Independent & Impartial Slip Injury Assessments + Floor Safety Assessments for Businesses using H&S Approved Pendulum Tests to BS7976-2 & BS13036-4

UK North   07774  32 32 67       UK South   07506  55 99 52


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PENDULUM TESTING - Price from £447

Pendulum Test - Up to three Floor Areas – includes: -

- Minimum of 3 area tests per floor tested

- Surface Roughness Checks

- Pass / Fail Certificate

Optional Extras - Assumes FloorSlip already on site

- Pendulum Test of Additional Floor Areas £47 per floor

Overnight, Urgent and same day Floor Testing - additional £90

FloorSlip are aware businesses do not always have the luxury of closing their businesses to conduct floor safety checks or may require urgent pendulum testing or surface roughness testing to complete work. We therefore will conduct testing through the evening, in the night or at weekends as required.


Prices from £147.00floor surface roughness tester measures Rz

-Surface Roughness Test as part of the Pendulum Test - FREE

- Surface Roughness Test only (5 Floor Surfaces) - from £147.00

Optional Extras - Assumes FloorSlip already on site

Roughness Test of Additional Floor Areas - £10 per floor

Note – we also surface roughness test engineering applications; the equipment we use is of the same highly accurate type used in engineering and can achieve readings of 1 to 200 microns.

* Price dependent upon the number of floors and your geographical location. Please allow an additional 25p per mile from our main offices at Rugby, Crewe or Preston  (To cover fuel only) - please contact FloorSlip to get a fixed price

FLOOR SAFETY CPR 35 COMPLIANT EXPERT WITNESS REPORTS on behalf of Businesses or Lawyers - Prices from £497.00

Whether you are: -

A business looking to make your floors safer through the conducting of independent risk assessments to reduce or even eliminate the possibility of slip injury claims;

A Lawyer trying to prove (or disprove) a slip injury accident claim;

Or an Insurance Claims Adjuster ……

FloorSlip can fully assess the floors and any related and relevant factors that could make or has made the floor and immediate area unsafe and provide a full and formal ‘detailed’ risk assessment floor safety report. The report will including detailed descriptions and images of problems and ‘Options For Improvements’ where we will suggest cost effective solutions from leading UK suppliers (and includes their contact details) who offer ‘PTV-Safe’ floor coating solutions that you can pursue.

We find the ‘Options’ section is welcomed by businesses and lawyers alike, where businesses are shown affordable solutions without the problems of having to find reputable firms; and where lawyers can demonstrate to the courts that for an economical price many floor slip injury claims might have been avoided

We are not in alliance with flooring companies and our advice is unbiased and our reports meet and declared as meeting CPR Compliance (as expected by UK Courts). You can be assured, regardless of whether we act on behalf of claimant or defendant, the results will be unbiased and with floor safety risk assessment report prices from only £227, it is an affordable and sensible solution


Post Testing, if you require, we can create a report including images, which will detail the floors tested, an image of the locus tested at each position; comments on the tests at each position and a map of the establishment to make it easier for Health & Safety Managers (and Insurance personnel) to quickly assess the state of your floors.

This type of report are particularly useful: -

- a) For larger establishments with multiple floors

- b) To quickly recall what floor was tested, the results and the evaluation

- c) They provide statements of options of floor safety improvements (where required)

- d) Typically include comments about other slip and trip related factors (Lighting, building regulations etc.)

Please note - Prices will vary dependent upon your geographical location and the size of the establishmen - please contact FloorSlip to get a fixed price


The problem with most Health and Safety courses is that they are rather ‘dry’ to listen to, and they don’t address your particular business needs. To change all this, we come to you and conduct an ‘On Site’ Health and safety course which specialises in slip and trips and falls prevention; it also includes Pendulum Floor Testing and allows you to have a go and conduct a test yourself!

It’s not limited to how many can attend but we do recommend that selecting persons for the course who can influence change and attitudes like H&S Managers, Owners, Store managers etc is a more sensible approach.

And we think the price we charge is remarkably cheap considering there is FREE pendulum testing included (on a limited number of floors). You also save on staff time out, travel expenses, hotels etc by conducting the H&S Course on slip and trips at your site - read more about it at On Site Health and Safety courses in slips and trip and falls


Prices from £147.00floor surface roughness tester measures Rz for smooth floors

Additional samples at £35.00 per sample

Prices from £237.00 for rough floors

Additional samples at £50.00 per sample

Get floor samples tested for the Floor Slip Resistance Values before specifying or ordering


The Pendulum Testing is non destructive and we can test a sample as small as 6” square (150 mm square) - for example - a kitchen tile.  

Additional samples tested at the same time start at £30 per sample; the final price per floor sample depending on the complexity of tests required, the contaminants you wish to the floor samples tested with and the surface roughness (Test sliders are destroyed very quickly with rough floor surface types)

Tel or Text 077774 - 32-32-67  (UK North)

Tel or Text 07506 - 55-99-52 (UK South)

Typically, the price will be higher than a Level 1 assessment but in certain circumstances will be the only level that will satisfy industry legislation for Risk Assessments.

NEW PENDULUM TEST EQUIPMENT Only £3950 (Plus Delivery and VAT )

British Manufactured in quality materials to British BS 7976 Standards. The Pendulums we supply are the same ones we use for our testing . Complete with sturdy Flight Case, Tools, Slider Rubbers, Calibrated and if you buy from us we will include the second year calibration for FREE (Worth £275 - does not include shipping costs)


Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to claim statutory interest at 8% above the Bank of England base rate if the debt is not cleared within 30 days of receipt of invoice - This is in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002.

Contact FloorSlip and arrange a contract now

prevention is better than cure and clearly demonstrates your commitment to managing risk

Note - We reserve the right to modify the prices shown to suit conditions as required

Table of Prices of Floor Testing Services


     Pendulum Testing

     £497 (See Note 1)

                            Do you require Same Day / Urgent Floor Testing? (24/7 service)

                                   Add £90 to the above price

     Surface Roughness Testing

     £147 (See Note 1 below)

     CPR 35 Compliant Expert Witness Reports


   Short Floor Testing Reports (Not CPR Compliant)

    From £47


     On Site Slips, Trips and Falls Health and Safety Courses (Req's link)

      From £799 (See Notes 1 and 2 below)                     

     Floor Sample Testing

     Smooth Floors £147 /    Coarse Floors £227

      Additional Floor Samples (Tested at the same time)                

     Smooth floors £35 per sample / Rough Floors - £50

     Additional Contaminants per Floor sample                                

     £35 per sample

     Ramp Testing             Contact FloorSlip Please

     New UK Manufactured Pendulum Testing Equipment built to British      Standards     

     £ 3950 + Delivery* + VAT

      *Typical Delivery prices (but may vary)

      - £125 in UK

      - £225 to Europe (From UK)

      - £399 to Rest of the World (From UK)

Note 1 - Prices will vary dependent upon your geographical location from our representatives locations; 25 p per mile  is charged (To cover fuel only) - please contact FloorSlip to get a fixed price

Note 2 - The price may vary dependent upon the number of candidates and the quantity of floors expected to be tested

Special payment terms for Injury Lawyers and Solicitors

Suffering because of the change in rules on No Win - No Fee injury claims?

Then you can pay choose to pay just 50% one month after testing  and do not have to pay the balance until 6 months after floor testing

(5% penalty applies)

Prices for Pendulum Testing and Floor Testing  

We conduct Floor Tests and provide reports for:-

BUSINESSES - To ascertain floors will meet the Pendulum Test Values specified by the HSE and to meet UK regulations

PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS & SOLICITORS - Acting on behalf of Defendants or Claimants in Accident Slip Injury Cases; more cases will be won if you can prove (or disprove) a floor was slippery.

ARCHITECTS AND SPECIFIERS - Checking floors and floor samples are specified to the correct floor slip resistance values for new and replacement floors

FLOORING COMPANIES & FLOOR COATING SPECIALISTS - Eliminating the need for companies to carry their own specialist and expensive floor testing equipment and to have the required level of knowledge to use the equipment satisfactorily.

Floor Testing Prices Summary

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